2023 – 2024 Officers

President/Programs Chair – Terrie Blackburn

Vice-President/Publicity Chair – Pam Peterson

Secretary/Membership Chair – Cyndi Williams

Assistant Secretary – Melanie Miller

Treasurer – Sandy Holder

Assistant Treasurer – Erica Ritson

Governance Chair – Terrie Blackburn

Scholarship Chair – Terrie Blackburn

Immediate Past Presidents

2021-2023 – Courtney Guest

2019-2020 – Cyndi Williams

2016-2018 – Jenny Iaquinto, NCCP, ACP

2014-2016 – Terrie Blackburn, NCCP

2013 – Laura Champlin, NCCP, ACP

2012 – Terrie Blackburn, NCCP

2010-2011 – Lawrel Banks, NCCP

2009 – Linda Johnson, NCCP

2006-2008 – Melanie Miller, NCCP



The President shall have general and active management of the business of the Association. The President shall serve as Chairman of the Executive Committee and preside over all meetings of the membership, and shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Executive Committee are enforced and put into effect.


The Vice President shall assume all duties assigned to the President in the President’s absence. This officer shall automatically be the Chairman of the Programs Committee and shall carry the responsibility of planning and coordinating speakers for monthly and special meetings.


The Secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of all Executive Committee meetings and membership meetings. The Secretary shall act as custodian of all official records, documents, and papers of the Association. This officer shall also offer opinions on parliamentary procedure as requested by the President or the Executive Committee, and shall interpret the Bylaws of the Association to any officer or member upon request. Minutes of any Association meeting shall be available to the Executive Committee and/or any paid member upon request. The Secretary shall also be responsible for correspondence between the Executive Committee and persons outside the Association. This officer shall also prepare the notices of annual meetings of the Association and proxy forms.


The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary in carrying out the duties of that office as may be delegated by the Secretary. The Assistant Secretary may perform any duties of the Secretary, at the request of the Secretary, including, but not limited to, recording minutes of Association meetings, and giving notice of meetings.


The Treasurer shall maintain records of the Association’s funds and shall make deposits and disbursements as approved by the President or Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall report to the Executive Committee each month, the balance on hand in the Association account, and the total receipts and disbursements for the month. This officer shall prepare a budget for each fiscal year of the Association for approval by the Executive Committee prior to adoption by the membership at the annual meeting. The Treasurer shall submit a written financial report to the Executive Committee for publication to the membership semi-annually; at the annual meeting in April and in October. This officer shall be responsible for completing all tax forms required to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service and/or North Carolina Department of Revenue. The Treasurer shall make all financial records of the Association available to the Executive Committee or President for audit purposes upon request, or to any regulatory or governing authority as may be required by law.


The Assistant Treasurer shall assist with all of the Treasurer’s duties as requested and shall review the monthly financial reports of the Association upon completion by the Treasurer.